Top Online Sportsbooks

Sports gambling is one of the most popular - and lucrative - forms of gambling happening in the world right now. It's having a massive growth moment due to the fact more and more states are legalizing sports gambling. This huge boost in popularity has given more players the chance to get in on the action of sports gambling, feel the excitement that comes with it and the best of it all - win a little money on top of it! And with that boost in popularity comes a laundry list of online casinos looking to get into the sportsbook craze. There are dozens of sportsbooks out there, but not all online sportsbooks are created the same. So today, we are going to take a look at some of the top,most respected and player friendly sportsbooks available to bet on. So what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!

What is a sportsbook

First off, let's get some of the basics down. Sportsbooks are where gamblers can win money by placing bets on a wide variety of sports. Some of the most popular are the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, MLB, horse racing and more. But some sportsbooks also offer players the chance to bet on eSports and other sports that aren't as popular - like cricket, table tennis and more. Players can bet on things like the spread, the money line, the over/under or on specific players to score. There are dozens of options and that's what makes sports gambling so exciting.

The top sportsbooks for players

There are a lot of sportsbooks available for players, but we're going to take a closer look at four of them that we know are well respected. Players don't have to use these sportsbooks, but they should know that these are very reputable and players can be confident that their money would be safe using them.


You can't have a list of the top sportsbooks without FanDuel. FanDuel is one of the most popular sportsbooks out there. Their mobile app is top notch and they offer players competitive sign up bonuses and free bets like betting $5 and getting $200 in free bets, a Monday Night Football profit boost bonus, a refer a friend of $75 and many others. Players can bet on all the major and college sports as well as soccer, tennis, women's basketball, horse racing and many more. FanDuel also offers same game parlays that players can place on a single game.

FanDuel also offers players a chance to play for free. They have certain contests that players can join without risking any money - and the best part, you can win real money!

Another perk of playing at FanDuel is that they offer a 'Learn to bet' section. This is great for players who are new to sports gambling and aren't quite sure how it works. FanDuel does a great job of explaining different bets and how to place them so players can feel confident the next time they want to bet with real money.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings is another major sportsbook that players have no doubt seen advertised on TV. They offer a top notch mobile app and players can bet on all the major sports as well as the MMA, golf, car racing, horse racing, eSports and more.

Draft Kings has a great fantasy sports section where players can play fantasy sports and win real money in the process. They also have promotions and bonuses - like betting $5 and getting $200 in free bets for new players, a refer a friend of $100 and sports specific match bonuses. Draft Kings also has a nice VIP section that rewards players for using the site.

Like FanDuel, Draft Kings offers an instructional page that helps players learn how to bet on certain sports so they can feel confident the next time they want to have a sports gambling session.


BetOnline has one of the most extensive sportsbooks out there. They offer bets on all the major North American sports - both professional and college - as well as from leagues in Mexico, China, Australia and others.

BetOnline also offers players competitive bonuses and promotions and also accepts cryptocurrency which offers players more options when depositing and betting. BetOnline offers players a 50% sports welcome match, 25% sports reload and others.

BetOnline also offers players chances to bet on a wide variety of eSports. So if professional sports aren't your strong suit, BetOnline has you covered with their selection of eSports to bet on.

The bottom line, if you can't find something to bet on while playing at BetOnline, then you probably won't find it anywhere!


Bovada is one of the oldest and most respected online casinos. They offer a top notch sportsbook that allows players to bet on all the major sports the the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, soccer leagues from around the world, cricket, chess, cycling, golf, rugby as well as esports. Bovada's selection of sports to bet on is so extensive that you won't have any issue finding a sport to bet on.

Bovada has a nice option for players called their 'Props Builder'. This feature makes building props and parlays easy for players to understand and build. They also offer players a $750 sports welcome bonus which will help boost bankroll's and gives players more chances to hit some winning bets.


So there we have it! Our top four sportsbooks available to players right now. As we mentioned earlier, these are four of the biggest sportsbooks out there and come with a solid reputation. Players can feel safe depositing their money knowing that their information will be safe. And when it comes to sports betting, there four sportsbook are the top of the top. They offer players extensive lists of sports, including major professional sports as well as obscure sports from around the world and eSports. So the next time you feel ready to take the jump into sports betting, give one - or heck, all of them! - a try and bet your way to some big wins!