Game Props

There is no question about it: sports gambling is fun. And with sports gambling hitting the mainstream in recent years and being legalized in more and more states, more and more players are getting in on the action and experiencing the thrill and excitement that comes with sports gambling. There's nothing like putting money on a game and living and dying with each play, hoping your bet hits. Now, while most players are familiar with the three most popular bets in sports - the spread, the money line and over / under - there are many more that sports gambling offers that players can take advantage of.

So today, we are going to take a closer like a game props. These are fun, unique bets that can turn an ordinary ticket into something fun and exciting - all while having the potential of paying out huge! So what are we waiting for? Let's dive in!

What are game props

Game props are game specific bets where players are betting on specific actions and outcomes. The spread, money line and over / under bets are all riding on the final outcome of the game. Game props are not. They are different bets that focus on specific things that take place within the game, but don't have to do with the final score.

Let's take a football game for example. Game props could include things like who will be the first team to score? Who will score 10 points first? Who will score 20 points first? Will Team A score on their first drive? Will Team B score on their first drive? Will there be a safety? What will the first score of the game be?

There are dozens of others but you get the gist. Instead of having to root for one team or for the right spread, you're placing bets on specific things and rooting for those things and those things only. Game props are a great way to add some excitement and change up your ticket from the standard spread, money line and over / under bets.

Now, while game props revolve on teams and things like what will the result of the first drive be, there is another form of prop players can enjoy and those are player props…

What are player props

Player props are exactly what they sound like: props that focus on specific players. So while a game prop might be 'Will Team A score on their first drive', a player prop would be 'Will Player A be the first touchdown scorer'.

There are dozens of player props. Will Quarterback A throw at least 3 touchdowns? Will Quarterback B throw over / under 275 yards. Will Baseball Player A hit a home run? Will Basketball Player A make at least 5 three pointers.

Any stat that's in a game there will be a player prop you can bet on. Now, not all players will be available to bet on. Rarely used players or bench players typically don't get the same kind of action as the stars do, but for the most part, the majority of players are available to bet on.

Advantages of game props

Game props bring another form of excitement to sports gambling. Instead of having to root for a single team to win - and being heartbroken by some kind of fluky play at the end - you're only focused on your specific actions. It's a unique and different way to enjoy gambling on sports.

Game props also have the chance to pay out big as well. Now, some game props come with pretty huge payouts because they are extremely rare. For example, in football, you can bet that the first score of the game will be a safety. A safety is when the defensive team tackles the offensive team in their own end zone and receives two points. If you were to play that prop the payout is typically around +5000.

That's because it's extremely rare. So much has to happen for a safety to be the first play of the game. BUT - it has happened before. And it even happened in the Super Bowl not that long ago.

We're not saying you should risk your entire bankroll on these props, but they are fun and exciting bets that you can have fun with and drop a few bucks on and still hit big if they happen.

Another thing players like about game props is that the outcomes can happen quickly. If you place a spread, money line or over / under bet on a game you need to watch the entire game in order to find out if you're a winner. That could take 3, even 4 hours some times.

But not with game props. You could place a bet on the outcome of the first drive and know if you're a winner or not almost immediately. A lot of players prefer to know how their bet turns out so they can move on and place more or walk away.

Disadvantages of game props

Speaking of those quick outcomes, some players don't prefer those. There's a lot of excitement and then - poof - your game prop happens and that's it. It can be a little underwhelming. That's why some players prefer placing bets on the final outcomes of games so that they are invested for a long period of time.


There we have it! Our look at game props and what makes them a unique and fun addition to any sports ticket. So the next time you're ready to place some bets, take a look at the available game props and get in on the action too!