Live In Game Betting

Sports gambling is having a moment. Well, it's always been popular but it seems to be even more so nowadays. That's because it's finally mainstream and accepted by more and more states. With apps like FanDuel and Draft Kings, more and more players are able to bet on their favorite sports, teams and players. Professional leagues like the NFL and MLB have official betting partners. And - it brings in billions of dollars a year. If you've never placed a sports bet you really are missing out. It's fun, exciting, thrilling and has the potential to be pretty lucrative too! And the best part - there's no house edge. Just pick your team and hope for the best - of course, doing a little research beforehand can go a long way in helping you hit some bets.

But what happens if you're late to the party and don't get your bet in before a game starts? Well, not to worry because that's where live in game betting comes into play. Today, we're going to take a closer look at live in game betting from what it is, how it operates and how players can take advantage of it. So let's get right into it!

What is Live in Game betting

Live in game betting is just what it sounds like - betting live during a game. So even if you miss placing a bet on a game before it starts, you'll still be able to live bet it once it starts. The difference is that all the odds will be constantly changing as the game progresses. Since the NFL season has started let's take a football game for example.

Team A is a 5 point favorite against Team B with a money line of -150 for Team A and the over/under is 40.5 points. Once the game starts those odds will fluctuate to match how the game is being played.

Let's Team A gets out to a fast start and is up big. That means the spread is going to change and go higher, their money line is going to go up and the over/under will increase as well.

But let's say Team B - the underdog - plays well. As the game goes on and gets closer to finishing, they could become the favorite, meaning they would have the favorite spread and higher money line.

If the game starts and looks like it's going to be a low scoring game instead of the high scoring one the oddsmakers predicted, the live in game betting will reflect that by dropping the over/under as the game goes on.

Every play, every point and every second that ticks down affect how the odds in live in game betting move. You just have to be quick to the trigger and get your bet in before it shifts again.

How Live in Game Betting can work in your favor

The most obvious way live in game betting works in the player's favor is that it allows them to get a bet in on a game even after it has started. This is especially handy when it comes to things that can affect the game - like weather and injuries. If you place your bet 5 days before a football game starts there's a lot that can happen before then. Say you bet on the favorite but in the time you placed your bet and when the game is, their starting quarterback got hurt in practice. Well now that bet might be looking a little shaky. Live in game betting lets you take all of that into account and place bets that reflect the changes in real time.

Another way live in game betting can be beneficial to players is by giving them even better odds. As we mentioned, everything affects the odds and spreads during live in game betting. So let's say you like an underdog in a game and they start out losing. Their odds will reflect that and go even higher, meaning that if they started a +150 money line, they could go to +175. As long as you still like them and thing they have what it takes to pull off the upset, you can place your bet at better odds then what the game started at.

Live in games betting also gives players the chance for some huge wins - albeit with a very small chance of hitting. Sports are random and crazy things happen in games all the time. Teams throw hail marys to win games at the buzzer, half court shots go in, walk off home runs, teams have crazy come backs. It happens all the time.

So let's take a football game for example. Team A is getting crushed 35-0 at halftime. It's safe to say that this game is over and Team A is going to lose. The odds are going to reflect that in live in game betting and Team A's money line would probably be around +2500. Well, crazier things have happened and even a small bet on Team A to come back to win would pay out nicely. Now, it's not likely to happen but there's always the chance that it could and that's why live in game betting has the potential to really pay out.

Now, these things happen but it's not EVERY game. So we don't recommend placing this huge long shot bets often. Every once in a while they can be a fun side bet, but don't expect to fund your bankroll with these types of bets.


There we have it! Our look at live in game betting and how it can be used to get better odds, keep you in the action and potentially pay out nicely. So if you miss out on placing a bet before a game starts, fear not! Live in game betting is here to save the day and hopefully lead you to some big time wins!