The Power of Power Football – Giants Experienced It

Outsized unpleasant statistics, that filled the narrative of NFL season 2011, is also taking the passing match to the next level. Yesterday it was the day for New York giants, the team that took over the script of the NFL season and they did it by taking part in writing with 4933-yard sessions of Eli Manning's. They tore the old narrative of NFL season into sheds by replacing it with the old pages of New York Playbook. The giant team experienced the power of power football during the match with Falcons and went a step ahead to write in 4933- yards.

While playing, the favorite lines of Tuna hit the mind of the Giants players and the result was that the players of the team took the ball just to cram it on the recognizable throat of Atlanta Defense. Giants game plan was almost as subtle as if a tire iron has been taken back at the back of the head. In the later half of the game team, Atlanta tried to follow the same game plan but it was too late then and all now know the result, that Giant defeated the team Atlanta by 24-2. However, it can't be denied that Atlanta tried to give its best during the third quarter of the game and it is also sure that if they would have continued in the same way, the result was surely to be different.

The defensive player of Giant, Umenyiora, was so excited after winning the match that he executed their game planning as an example saying "….. That is how we are supposed to play." After finishing the match successfully, when the player was relaxing leaning against the wall of MetLife Stadium, he commented that it was not mandatory for the team to score fifty points or to give up before they scored ten, what important was to just grind away and that is what they did.

Umenyiora, who had a kind of battle with the NFL organization during this fall, was looking quite confident at the end of the match. His version was quite clear from his attitude that a match like this will always be an example of good football where the players simply run the ball and try to execute the good defense to beat a strong team like Falcon. He continued in his speech if a team can keep the good job the sky will be the limit for that particular team.

The players of the giants succeeded to take hold of the game at right time and applied the old trick of football to ensure win over a team like Falcon.